Tracefor's mission is to develop projects and provide solutions and high-quality advice on forestry and environmental issues as part of the sustainable management of natural resources.


Tracefor works in the following fields

Forest management 

Planning of forest management to provide present and future generations with the environmental, economic and social benefits of forestry ecosystems.

Natural Hazards

Design and planning of measures to reduce the impact of natural events on humans, buildings and environment.


Proposals to maintain and/or improve the ecosystem's biological diversity.

Urban and recreation ressources planning

Planning of urban green spaces management and analysis of the resources and recreation opportunities in forests.

Environmental engineering

Design of technical projects in the natural environment.

Innovative projects

We believe that creativity is an added value. For this reason, we are willing to collaborate with anyone who offers new ideas..


Our code of business ethics sets the standard under which Tracefor operates to accomplish its mission. This is based on the following core values :


We believe that we have the responsibility and privilege to maintain natural resources for future generations.


We are committed to deliver high-quality work and respect deadlines. 


Environmental projects require thorough analysis before the execution phase. Analyzing the projects from different perspectives is at the very heart of our approach.

Understand, design, and develop